Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lottery League 2010 Update, February 17th!

Some of Lottery League 2010's participants have kept themselves very busy since Draft Night at the Beachland on February 5th. Some of the bands assembled have already given themselves names. Here are a listing of the new bands, with their former band numbers, and current members:

"The Newdicals" (Band 14, with Joshua Jesty, Zachariah Starnik, Craig Chojnicki, Michael Pultz, and Leia Alligator)

"Melted Face Constitutional" (Band #7 with John Panza, Dave Cintron, Paul Bartholet, Jason Robinson, and Nick Traenkner)
"Milk and Cookies" (Band #9 which consists of Jonathan Morgan, Lauren Voss, Jack "Smiley"Geers and Jim Karpinski)

"Milk Throat" (Band #5 with Matt Chasney, Jason Schafer, Karen Wegryn, Mara Robinson)

"Drugs for Everybody" (Band #19 with David Horton, Myk Porter, Noah Hrbek, Carol Schulien)

And let's not forget "Dead Wrestler" (Band #23 Chad Hill, Katherine Koenig, Matt Trehan, Tony Merritt)

Who are these people, you might ask? Join the Lottery League 2010's Facebook page to find out. If you become our internet friend, you'll not only see photos of band practices, but photos from various Lottery-related shows, and even those infamous 'trading cards'. If you're looking for an extra opinion, participant Ron Kretsch, art designer and writer for the Cleveland Scene, is keeping a blog of his own experiences in this year (from which the above picture is taken). Check it out.

More to come.

The Council of Chiefs

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Band Names!

Here's a recent update if you haven't friended Lottery League 2010 on Facebook. Band 23 is now known as DEAD WRESTLER; Band 19 is now known as DRUGS FOR EVERYBODY.

More to follow!